Dr. Ed Cordes is an optometrist. He and Gail, who is an optician, established a private practice in Corning, NY in 1977.  After 25 years they sold it to Guthrie Medical Group, a large multidisciplinary medical group, and joined its staff.  In January 2015 Dr. Cordes retired from active practice and Gail reduced her work load to occasional per diem assignments. Gail fully retired in February 2017.

Ed’s interest in photography began relatively early when, as a sophomore in high school, he won a regional science award for taking black and white pictures of protozoa (one-celled animals) through a microscope with an old folding camera.  Throughout the years his interest in photography expanded to include 35 mm SLR work with emphasis on travel and animal images.  He usually shot slides and made color prints in his dark room using the Ciba Chrome process. During the 80’s and 90’s Ed and Gail, were avid scuba divers, and underwater photography dominated their efforts.

Scuba diving has since taken a back seat to other types of travel and serious nature photography.  In 2003 the darkroom and film system were sold as they made the complete transition to digital photography using Canon professional cameras and lenses. They really like the flexibility and control that digital imaging provides.

Ed and Gail work together to build the Nature’s Vision Photography portfolio of high quality nature images. Through photography, they want to bring an understanding and appreciation of the natural world to those who don’t always take the time, or have the opportunity to observe the wonders of nature that exist all around us.

We thank you very much for your interest in, and appreciation of, our images.